DSLR Photography Level - 3 & Post Processing level - 1

DSLR Photography Level - 3 & Post Processing level - 1


Choosing when to shoot in RAW or JPEG
Basic Composition techniques to make your images pop
Rule of Thirds 
Leading Lines 
Patterns / Textures
Golden Ratio
Introduction to Lightroom, Darktable & Capture One
Reading histograms and using it as a quick handy tool
Introduction to Colour Theory
Introduction to sRGB & Adobe RGB
Highlights, Whites, Shadows, Blacks
Batch processing, Presets
Correcting White Balance
Lens Corrections
Lightroom Presets
Water Marking your images
Creating your Workflow
Details of our other workshops available on Events High

Photography Level 1 - http://go.eventshigh.com/dslr-L1 (Understanding your camera and shooting in manual mode, Understanding the RAW format)
Photography Level 2 - http://go.eventshigh.com/dslr-L2 (Advanced controls for Managing Focusing, Metering, White Balance and more)
Photography Level 3 - http://go.eventshigh.com/dslr-L3  (Composing your images & Post Processing Level 1)
An unbiased informative session to help you purchase the right photography gear - http://go.eventshigh.com/what2buy 


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September 29, 2019

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September 29, 2019

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