River Rafting in Rishikesh - 9 km

River Rafting in Rishikesh - 9 km


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Safety Measures:
Abide by the rules and regulations for your own safety.
Before indulging in this activity it is recommended to get a health check-up, fitness is highly important.
Don’t intake any alcohol or other intoxicated substances before the rafting trip.
Paddle as a team and never individually.
Listen and remember all the guidelines and instructions given to you by the tour guides.
Equipping yourself with a life-jacket is a must, if any mishap might happen then don’t panic and just follow your guide’s instructions.
As tempting as it in, avoiding plunging into the water as it may lead to disorientation.
Casual sandals are a big no, you must wear sports shoes or even river sandals will do.



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August 31, 2019

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