12th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences I India's one & only 'soul' festival

12th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences I India's one & only 'soul' festival


The top 9 reasons for being at GFSS 2019

Thought-provoking internationally renowned global speakers
High energy group meditations in Asia's most powerful pyramid
Vibrant vibes of a 1000+ like-minded tribe
Soulful music and dance that celebrates the spirit of life
Yoga & Tai Chi to balance your body, mind, and soul
The peaceful environment of the lush green pyramid valley
Range of accommodations from dormitories to luxury rooms
Sattvic, balanced wholesome vegetarian meals to restore nutrition values
Mindful engagement for kids with activities like yoga, meditation, art, dance, farming, & storytelling.

Art & Soul Xperience

Soak in the festivities and vibe with music, sound & dance in our Art & Soul Xperience with:

Zia Nath: A TEDx performer, international teacher of sacred dance and founder of Realms of Dance & Whirling Mandala, in Zia's session at GFSS, you can revisit ancient realms as you whirl with her in her Whirling Mandala workshop.

Rivesh Vade: A renowned Naada Yogi, Sound & Frequency Therapist and founder of Wellness-Vibe & Bodh Marga Foundation, Rivesh Vade, in his session with singing bowls, will guide us to very deep levels of relaxation to enable us to amp up our decision-making power.

Aakarsh aka Axe: Award-winning illusionist, hypnotist, and mentalist, Axe will present The Oblivion - A theatrical, one-man, stand up illusion show.


Thriive Art & Soul

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September 28, 2019

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October 2, 2019

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