Freelancing and Earning: 3 Hours Crash Workshop

Freelancing and Earning: 3 Hours Crash Workshop


 Core Modules:

Why now is the perfect time for you to become a freelancer
How manage your day job and freelancing
Job & Freelancing Safe Play Secrets for Beginners
How to prepare your exit plan to start freelancing
How to set the right freelancer mindset
How to recognize the skill you love as your career
How to Productize your skills and sell them
Setup Successful Service or Product Development
What are fields & domains of freelancing
Step by step guide of becoming a successful freelancer
How to price your services and find profitable clients
Where to do freelancing
Creating Freelancer Portfolio & Personal Branding
Marketing and Winning Clients
Working with Freelancing Platforms & Techniques
Legal Procedures and registrations
Freelancer tools and resources
Manage freelance projects
Payment Procedures and Finances
Becoming Full time Freelancer & Entrepreneur
Planning Long-term Future of your Freelancing career
Pros & Cons of Freelancing
Freelancing Ethics



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November 16, 2019

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November 16, 2019

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