SP Robotics Maker Lab

SP Robotics Maker Lab

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Learn Robotics from basics to becoming a certified Roboteer at SP Robotics Maker Lab Electronic City.

Top 3 Reasons Why 10,000+ Parents Chose SP Robotics program over another robotics program.


1. One of the Best Options to engage a child and keep him/her away from the TV, video games. Children love our robotics courses as they are building real concepts in a very engaging and fun way. Our program teaches the fundamentals of every concept and learning is completely hands-on.


2. We are in the technology era and future-based learning activities like Robotics, Drone, IoT, and VR, will be very useful for the child's future. Children learn Science, Maths and Coding in a very fun way with Robots and other activities. Our programs are the only programs in India that have been accredited by STEM.org.


3. The creativity of the child increases - having learned the concepts on electronics and coding, imagination is made into reality by every child. Showcasing their skills in competitions keeps them highly motivated.



SP Robotics Maker Lab

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September 28, 2019

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October 27, 2019

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