Freelancing and Earning

Freelancing and Earning


Arent you just tired? Tired of your 9-5 job? Tired of working for others? You might be good at something. But, you are doing something else, as you must just go with the flow.  Do you always feel, you are in a career or profession which is not yours? Do you love to try something else in your career, which makes actual meaning? Now, you need an exit and action plan. We have plan for you which makes a difference to your careers. There are many freelancers who do better than corporate jobs. Join us, learn the actual difference making path and secrets for your careers.

This intensive workshop will provide you with the core fundamentals needed to start your freelance career in any field. Whether you are a software professional, Management professional, fresher or any skilled professional, the workshop will provide you with the essential tools you need to start your freelancing career.

This Workshop is for:

Office employees who want to work as part-time freelancers or transition into full-time freelancing
Newbies who just started freelancing and need to understand the basics
Fresh graduates who want to earn money while looking for a job
Stay-at-home parents, Home makers who want to earn income while taking care of the family
Retirees who still want to be productive and active and at the same time earn from freelancing activities
Anyone who want to explore extra earning opportunities with basic computer knowledge
Why should you join this workshop:

Get simple, step-by-step training from real-life, freelancing coaches who are eager to share their business knowledge with beginners like you.
Fulfill your dream of working for yourself, earning additional income from your passions and spending more time with your family.
Mastermind with peers and mentors who have blazed the trail in freelancing
Take massive action, earn your first dollar and celebrate your wins with our private and exclusive freelancer community



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January 25, 2020

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January 25, 2020

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