Exploring the opportunities in full stack java

Exploring the opportunities in full stack java

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Why one should look at full stack javascript for a career switch or starting the career in IT? Because : 1. As Javascript is the most popular programming language in the world today, enough opportunities are available. 2. The salary being offered(by startups) is highest among all the technology frameworks existing today 3. The startup ecosystem primarily works in full-stack javascript due to its modular nature while being easy to learn and use 4. There is more demand for full stack javascript engineers in the Bangalore startup ecosystem with less supply Therefore, if you are looking to enter the world of full stack javascript, this meetup is for you. Agenda for the meetup is as below:- 1. Introduction 2.Introduction to full stack javascript and it's benefits 3. Sharing experience by existing full stack developers/product engineers 4. Current opportunities available(internship / project / full time / freelance ), if any 5. Q & A


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December 22, 2018

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December 22, 2018

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