JAZZ dance workshop

JAZZ dance workshop


Just TAP away in enjoyment, we have a JAZZ workshop curated for you! This workshop is your stage for umpteen possibilities, don’t fear if you’ve two left feet as this class is to the stir the beginner dancer in you. This workshop focusses on the following: • Numero UNO: The first class will train you on warm up, check your flexibility and learn basic Jazz body movements including turns, steps, and basic kicks. And of course, you have the time of your life. • Second: Jazz seeks to work with the natural alignment, posture, coordination of the body, and is safe and accessible for beginners and push new boundaries of body movement. • Third: Always wanted to be a ballet dancer? Voila. Learn shades of classical jazz, ballet in a few simple routines. • Fourth: Apart from learning, let your expression be unbound! Let your passion be rekindled and be free with your body and we guarantee a happy fulfilling experience! About the teacher: Adrienn Izsépi is an extremely passionate Hungarian dancer who has trotted the globe (quite literally!) and aces Hungarian Folk Dance, Street Jazz, Classical Ballet. When: Sat, Jan 12th @ 4 PM to 6 PM Where: 7 shades dance and fitness studio, Hsr layout Registration link: https://go.kloh.in/Jazz Join the Dance Group: https://go.kloh.in/Jazz About Kloh: Discover local experiences and meet new people who like doing the same things as you on Kloh. www.kloh.in


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January 12, 2019

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January 12, 2019

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