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‘Ishq ki koi hadh nahi hoti, ishq ki koi wajah nahi hoti, zindagi ke uss muqaam pe hoon aaj,
ki kambhakht uss-se nazar alag nahi hoti.’
Maaya, a contemporary poetess talks of love to understand it’s intricacies with the help of
insights gained over the ages by similar aching hearts and masterful verse.
Bollywood rhetoric and modern-day influences make our days too busy to take a beat or a
few to sit back and listen to the most beautiful poetry in the last century.
Maaya aims to bring back a more lyrical time where pain and pleasure were revered,
examined and celebrated much more fully than nowadays.
This piece will allow the audience to see a unique perspective of love and will help bring
back the charm and depth that a topic as subtle as love deserves. We must understand love
through a sense of ultimate emancipation and not remorse.
Embrace your empty nest!


Lahe Lahe

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July 13, 2019

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July 13, 2019

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