Workflexi and Trigent Partner to Meet the Needs of Millennial Job Seekers

Bangalore, April 1, 2019 - Workflexi, India’s only curated platform for contract employment announced today that it has partnered with Trigent Software, a global technology solutions company, to provide employment opportunities to job seekers registered on Workflexi’s platform.

Workflexi offers contractual employment opportunities in both IT and non-IT sectors on its portal. Addressing the income insecurity associated with contractual gigs, Workflexi ensures continuity in income between assignments by following the Basic Pay System (BPS), offering a month’s basic pay to registered job seekers, between contractual gigs.

Workflexi’s partners are carefully selected based on relevant criteria such as employer reputation, recognition, and responsibility as they play an essential role in Workflexi’s growth plans for the future. Trigent is considered a reliable and creative partner for clients, who value its commitment to excellence and strive to exceed expectations. Its open culture and out-of-the-box thinking aimed at creating more business value for its clients through smarter ways of working make Trigent a partner of choice for Workflexi.

“Our clients look for highly skilled individuals who can hit the ground running. While we have a large workforce of extremely talented and experienced individuals, our clients depend on us to provide them with skilled resources, frequently and with immediacy. Workflexi provides access to smart people who can join fast, and this is invaluable to us. ” said Bharat Khatau, President and CEO, Trigent Software.

“Trigent Software is a pioneer in the IT sector that serves most of the fortune 500 companies and has a huge base in India and the US. Their expertise in professional services lies in providing resources at a faster pace than most other companies. Most staffing firms do not provide gig security to people who seek them. Partnering with Workflexi gives Trigent Software that edge over their competitors to provide gig security to a job seeker and with it, have access to people who can join immediately without notice. “ said Sandesh Kangod, Co-Founder & CEO.

According to The Guardian, over a million people are turning 18 every month, which makes India one of the best places for investment, driven by the insatiable passion of Gen Z. As a country anchored by young blood and entrepreneurial zeal, Workflexi sees a significant surge in employable labor with the collective urge to explore, dream and take the road less traveled.

“The notion of permanency is fading, and people no longer want to be tied to a job or company if they have better chances of getting ahead and avoiding monotony and stagnation. The need for flexible staffing is growing at workplaces, with the key drivers being the increasing cost of living, the higher number of jobs that pay well and greater adoption of contingent staffers by different sectors, and particularly healthcare and information technology. Workflexi is the only curated platform for contract employment that takes care of the job security concerns of both the employees and the employer” says Geetha Prabhu, founder and COO,


Workflexi is India’s only platform to provide short term/ contractual gigs. A Nasscom 10K startup company which also provides job security between gigs by its unique feature called BPS (Basic Pay System). Know more at

About Trigent

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Rohail S Qadri
Associate Vice President – Professional Services
Trigent Software LTD

Sandesh Kangod
Co-Founder, CEO