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Why Workflexi

If you want to balance work and your various passions, Workflexi is the best available option. Here are some features of fixed term contract jobs that stand out in the fixed term employment market:

Fast hires at minimal cost.

Indian IT flexi staffing industry was worth USD 3.04 billion in 2016-2017 and is expected to witness significant growth till 2021 (Source: India Staffing Federation).

Indian IT flexi staffing industry is expected to register 14-16 per cent growth per annum in the next few years(Source: India Staffing Federation).

The notion of permanency is fading and people no longer want to be tied to a job or company if they have better chances of getting ahead and avoiding monotony and stagnation.

Millennials and senior professionals want to engage in short-term work and use the interim breaks more effectively.

The need for flexi staffing is growing at work places, with the key drivers being the increasing cost of living, higher number of jobs that pay well and greater adoption of contingent staffers by different sectors, and particularly healthcare and information technology.

Workflexi is the only curated platform for contract employment that takes care of the job security concerns of both the employees and the employers.