About Us

Our Vision

Is to make WORK-AT-WILL a reality.

Our Mission

Connecting people to the jobs that allow them to pursue their passion.

Our Team

Geetha Prabhu, Foundr, COO

Geetha Prabhu

Founder, COO

She is a shot gun with point blank approach. A travel butterfly with a penchant for mountains. She has extensively travelled the country all through her life. Met a great Saint from the himalayas who bestowed her with the idea of starting a company called Workflexi. She pioneered the cause and pursued it and she has no intension of giving up!

These are the folks who make it all come together at Workflexi. They work hard and play harder, if only to come back and push the envelope even more. They are driven by passion and believe in the adage:
"Don't just dream. Do."
Geetha Prabhu, Foundr, COO

Sandesh Kangod

Co-Founder, CEO

As they say, he is a mixture of opposites who sees from all perspectives. He loves the light when he steps on stage. He is a Writer, Actor & Director who also happens to have a penchant for Mountains. He brings his rich experience in sales to Shepard Workflexi into its endearing journey!