Why Us

If you want to balance work and your various passions, Workflexi is the best available option. Here are some features of fixed term contract jobs that stand out in the fixed term employment market:
  • Fast hires at minimal cost.
  • Indian IT flexi staffing industry was worth USD 3.04 billion in 2016-2017 and is expected to witness significant growth till 2021 (Source: India Staffing Federation).
  • Indian IT flexi staffing industry is expected to register 14-16 per cent growth per annum in the next few years(Source: India Staffing Federation).
  • The notion of permanency is fading and people no longer want to be tied to a job or company if they have better chances of getting ahead and avoiding monotony and stagnation.
  • Millennials and senior professionals want to engage in short-term work and use the interim breaks more effectively.
  • The need for flexi staffing is growing at work places, with the key drivers being the increasing cost of living, higher number of jobs that pay well and greater adoption of contingent staffers by different sectors, and particularly healthcare and information technology.
  • Workflexi is the only curated platform for contract employment that takes care of the job security concerns of both the employees and the employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A contractual job is employment that requires you to sign and agree to terms of a contract before you begin working. Contractual work is usually for a specified amount of time and ends upon completion of a project or assignment. The contract is between an employee and an employer.
A contract employee is hired for a specific job at a specific rate of pay. These jobs are usually full time, in-office kind of jobs, unless any other work arrangement agreed upon between the employee and the employer.
The contracts can be anywhere between 2months to 12months
The flexi staffing is a concept followed in both IT and nonIT sectors. To name a few contract jobs digital marketer, trainer, adjunct faculty, software developer, tester, accountant, recruiter and so on.
  • Information technology
  • Retail
  • Financial service.
  • Healthcare
  • Professional services.
  • Public service agency.
  1. You can demand higher pay because of the nature of job
  2. New teams and new projects every few months, breaking the monotony of a permanent job
  3. Exposure to varied work culture
  4. Faster growth
  5. Work Life balance
  6. Utilise the break between two contracts to pursue your passion or upskill yourselves
Employee: Independence and flexibility, Less competition, Higher pay, Continuous growth.
Employer: Reduces company employment cost, Shorter hiring process, Instant impact on business, Flexibility
Basic Pay System is a System by which Workflexi secures a contract employee's job by paying his/her basic pay for a month, when he/she is out of the contract and has not secured his/her next contract*

* terms & conditions apply
Any jobseeker who is registered with Workflexi. His employer/payrolling company should be a client partner of Workflexi. And the jobseeker should have completed a minimum of six months with his employer.
Please put a tick mark on 'I want to apply for BPS' at the time of registration. This would trigger an email to your employer, asking for his approval. If your employer is not registered with Workflexi, you cannot apply for the basic pay system. Once your employer approves your candidature for the basic pay system, you need to upload a few kyc documents. These are verified when you are out of your current contract job and do not have a next contract job. Once the verification agency uploads your report, Workflexi will disburse your basic pay. The whole process would take 20-25days.
Your employer has to approve your basic salary.
You MUST have completed 6 months or more with your existing employer.
If there is a gap for over 30 days between two jobs
Within 30 days of you coming out of the contract job, after the Workflexi completes all the verification process.
Through BPS, Workflexi is ensuring that there is continuity in your income even when you are out of a contract job.
No, it is free registration for a jobseeker.
No, you can find short-term contract jobs on Workflexi.in. However, a freelancer who is looking for a short-term assignment can also register on Workflexi.in.