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Flexi jobs: Life is all about second chances

There are many times in your life when you wish you had a different career. Or a seven-hour work week. So you could pamper yourself with the free time. Only freelancers working from home have that luxury. A full-timer like you doesn't. The result is that you go out when most others do and end up behind bumper-to-bumper traffic. Everyone gets in and out of the city the same way you do. Even when you want to enjoy, traffic jams, full-house cinema halls and packed amusement parks take the thrill away from you. 

Here is where contract jobs are just what you want. Not only do you work full-time like any normal person, you also enjoy the same pay and perks. However, you work for three months, six months or a year. It's all up to you. After the job ends, you take a break and can either come back to work at the same firm, if both find it mutually beneficial or you find a new job that excites you more. Either way, you benefit. And so does the employer. Who wants an employee who is bored of the work he does. Why hire a permanent employee at the cost of productivity? Hire the best and use them optimally. What's more, there are contract jobs that let you work only fixed days of the week. On other days, you are completely free to do what you want. Now, you can go on a vacation when most don't and enjoy life. The amusement park will not be as packed, so you can enjoy all the rides without waiting in long queues. And there won't be as many traffic jams at toll plazas, because you are vacationing on a week day.

This is the age of multiple careers, says famed author Gurcharan Das. And flexi jobs let you do that in more ways than one. No wonder, people under 30 and above 40 find these work opportunities the most beneficial. But don't be bound by these trending rules. The rules of the game change. Because you do. 

So what are you waiting for? Take a break. Get a contract job. And live the life you missed for so long. Workflexi.in offers you all of this and more. It's the world's first platform where you can work at will. And it's also more than that. When you are not with a job in the interim, it gives you a 'minimum basic pay'. Can anyone do better than that? Hop on the contract bandwagon and give your life a second chance. It is about time.