Permanent Jobs

The Dark Side of Permanent Jobs

The intense competition in the job market cannot be withstood by permanent employment. In a changing global economy, what is that permanent jobs lack that has created downsides to it? Have a look– have made some points about permanent jobs that are detrimental to many employees.
No Job Security - No, this doesn’t affect contract/temporary jobs as much. The reason is that when an employer looks at lowering risks of approaching crises, permanent employees are very likely to be in the layoff list (you know why).
Lack of Ability to Evolve - Permanent employees possess less relevant and in-demand skills than contractors, as the latter continuously have to make it a point to remain relevant and valuable in an ever-changing professional marketplace.
You become Stagnant - The luxuries like the pay, the amount of work given, and the workplace environment, that supposedly come only with permanent jobs blinds the employees to think about any other careers, making them stagnant.
True Potential is Unknown - It’s widely believed that a 9-5 job is like working inside a box. There’s no looking beyond your own cubicle. You do not tend to discover your (other) passions, and so don’t you ever know your true potential.
Lack of Flexibility - It’s very difficult to achieve work-life balance unlike contractors who decide when, where and how they work.
Blurred Buying and Selling Services - Certain tasks other than what permanent employees were told to do, are done without realizing that it has no worth to them as professionals, but it does for their boss.
Boring Resumes - When companies look for an array of experiences when considering a potential candidate, having the same job for many years can have a negative impact on the employees resume.
Difficulty in Hunting for Jobs - After a long term full-time work, it gets hard for permanent employees dive into the pool of job-search. One may also not know where to begin. Things are of course terrible if you are fired from the job.
Lack of Network -  Permanent employment narrows down the networking opportunities. If there is good network, it’s easy to land a job.
There are plenty of reasons to say ‘good-bye’ to permanent jobs. Temporary employment is very useful and can be very instrumental in getting the unemployed back into the workforce. Workflexi  - World’s 1st platform to work at will!
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