9 In-Demand Skills You Must Master To Become a Highly-paid Freelance Java Developer

Java is constantly recognized and rewarded as one of the top 5 programming languages in the tech world. As of 2021, Java is the third most extensively used programming language across the globe as per the Tiobe Index reports.

It's been fifteen years since this language came into the limelight and since then its applications have only grown. Anything from simple school projects to big players like Amazon and Google uses Java in their applications. This usage generates a high demand for Freelance Java Developers experienced in configuration, trial, and software implementation through the Java programming language.

On the other side, there are thousands of new developers coming into the market each year. People in the tech field need to upskill themselves and constantly be familiar with the new technology. It will ensure that they never go out of work and keep finding projects that they love.

So, if you're a Java programmer, here are 9 in-demand Java skills you must master to land more freelance Java projects.

Freelance Java developer

How To Be a Freelance Java Developer

Tech companies are constantly on the lookout to hire freelance Java developers. The major reason behind this is the convenience and cost-effectiveness for the companies. Hiring full-time employees is a long process wherein they need to assess everything from the background to their previous job roles. However, if they hire freelance Java developers, they would only need to evaluate the person's skills. Also, there are additional monetary benefits that help them save money. As for the freelancer, here are the top benefits:

  • You can earn however much you want by increasing or decreasing the number of clients. It depends on your current needs and monetary requirements to adjust how much you want to earn.
  • The balance between your work and life is flexible. You can drop some clients if you want to take it easy or take on more projects to develop your skills.
  • By not working as a full-time employee, you're not answerable to the company beyond your project. They won't be calling you to fix an error or take up some work for an employee on leave.
  • You can work on a plethora of different projects that challenge your skillset more. It's an exclusive opportunity always to learn more and keep growing, rather than getting comfortable in your 9 to 5 job.
  • Freelancing helps you build a better network and improve your communication skills. You would be building a personal brand that is always a plus point in your professional career.

So, if you're a programmer and want to start a side hustle, freelancing should be your top choice. Find out the companies that hire freelance Java developers and reach out to them. It's better to know what you're good at and then target clients who need that specific skill set. If you want to take your Java game to next level, learn these skills:

1. Software Design and Architecture

Software Design and Architecture skills are crucial skills to advance as a programmer in any language. As a Java Developer, you need these skills to offer problem-solving knowledge in the software development process.

You would be providing companies with a comprehensive and structured solution in their development process to meet all the technical and operational needs. The architecture you'll create will describe the system's major components, structures, and communication channels.

Furthermore, in the designing phase, you would have a part in the coding and implementation of the design. All these elements have to be selected, keeping in mind the basic security and performance attributes.

Therefore, if you want to work with companies that hire freelance Java developers, start learning about Software Design and Architecture. It'll help you land those big-ticket clients and earn good money.

  Software design and  Architecture
Software design concept image with business icons and

2. Spring Framework

Spring Framework is a popular java platform that provides programmers with comprehensive support and infrastructure to develop applications. Companies also prefer conducting development using Spring Frameworks like Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and Spring Cloud.

Furthermore, this improves the application's testability, which is another major component that companies look for. The Spring Framework further allows programmers to compose different components into a working, ready-to-use application.

So, if you want to upskill and take on new Java Projects, be familiar with this technology. It'll be your base infrastructure for application development when working with different clients from around the world.

Spring Frameowrks for freelance Java projects

3. Learn APIs and Libraries

The best Freelance Java developers worldwide are proficient with the Java Ecosystem and APIs. If you want companies that hire freelance Java developers looking for you, the best thing you can do is to learn APIs. Some among the key Java APIs you should know are:

  • JSON processing APIs like Jackson and Gson
  • XML processing APIs like JAXB and Xerces
  • Unit testing libraries like Mockito and JUnit etc

They enable Java Developers in the integration of websites and applications and also offer real-time information. As a freelancer on the lookout for projects, you have to keep your skills updated to get good companies. So, start with these basics and work up your way by learning.

Learn about Apis

4. Unit Testing

Any good Java Developer unit tests their code. It's an essential skill for every developer to work on unit testing. It is a basic yet crucial point in the software development phase, which helps developers write code efficiently.

Furthermore, it ensures that the application meets the necessary standards and requirements before deployment. The individual testing of the components helps spot the bugs and errors before the deployment, which saves time for the programmers.

Companies that hire freelance Java developers look for a professional freelancer whose work is rock solid. If you skip unit testing and the bugs come up later, it won't help build a good personal brand. You can start the learning with the JUnit library and improve your unit testing skills.

5. Design Patterns

Knowing some popular design patterns is critical if you want to take on some complex Java Projects and get those top companies looking to hire freelance java developers. The design patterns are a solution for solving a specific coding task. These patterns are reusable, and you can implement them in several varying projects. It's an excellent skill for freelance Java developers who want industry-relevant skills to keep getting projects.

Design Patterns also provide better documentation and improve the code quality. If you're working with the company's development team, they would be able to understand the design patterns and your solution. So, upskill yourself now if you want to grab an opportunity for your dream company looking to hire freelance Java developers.

Containers and DevOps tools

DevOps is the adoption of iterative software development, programmable infrastructure deployment, automation, and maintenance. It can also be described as a collaborative approach between a company's IT operations and Software Development team. Containers are a process of creating, testing, deploying, and redeploying applications in varying environments.

It is possible from a freelance developer's laptop to the main data center of the company. There are several business benefits of DevOps, making it a necessary skill for a freelancer looking for work. It leads to faster solutions, a better user experience, fewer failures, and a better ROI. Learning more about DevOps tools and containers would get you a head start with companies looking to hire freelance Java developers.

Java EE Components

Java EE Components are self-contained functional units that are installed in the Java EE. They are the solution for handling requests that come in from web-based clients. Enterprise developers looking for new freelance Java projects should learn more about Java EE Components and add them to their skillset. A few major Java EE Components you should learn are:

  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • JAX-RS

Java Build Tools

Companies that hire freelance Java developers usually test their skills before hiring them on a long-term project. You will have to complete a specific test code on a Java build platform. You should know about Maven, Gradle, and Ant.

These tools are also instrumental in managing the project dependencies, building configuration, and documentation. So, start looking for postings to hire freelance Java developers and shoot your proposal.

Learning Java better

Every company looking to hire freelance Java developers would expect your Java skills to be the best. That's why you should keep learning the features of the updated versions. With new versions rolling out every year, it's essential to keep yourself updated.

So, to get into the top list of companies that need to hire freelance Java developers, these skills should be a priority. It'll help you get ahead in a highly competitive market and get the best projects. Furthermore, with many people recognizing the benefits of freelancing and gigs, you need to offer the best skills. It's your only alternative if you want to succeed as a freelance developer in an ever-evolving and advancing tech world. So, put on your learning shoes, get on the Internet and make yourself ready to secure some high-paying Freelance Java projects.