5-Top Programming Languages That Are Trending And Are Here to Stay – 2021

Software developers are crucial assets for every company in the current market. Whether it's a derivative company offering non-tech services or a core IT company, all of them need developers. 

For example, food delivery or a retail company both need developers to build their technological front. It can be their website or application to reach the customers. 

top programming languages - 2021

This increasing demand for IT skills is the reason behind the need for expert developers. Every company needs coders with experience and expertise in a specific programming language. 

However, this demand doesn't always mean that everyone with even a basic knowledge or skills would get a good job. The need of the market is expertise and knowledge of the latest and top programming languages prevalent in the IT world.

For a person in the tech field, the need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies is crucial. Programming languages and technologies are changing and upgrading constantly. If you don't learn more about them, you won't be able to keep up with your job's demands. There are hundreds of programming languages that you can learn. However, choosing the top programming languages that will stay relevant in the future is the key. 

For example, companies hire java developers because of the wide applications of the language. It has been in the market for a long time and still is among the top ones. Similarly, several coding languages have been here for decades and still generate a lot of demand. 

Being a developer is a lucrative career option with lots of opportunities, but you need to stay relevant. You can get a better job offer or raise by learning the top programming languages and gaining expertise.

Following are the top 5 top programming languages that will help you in securing your dream jobs and projects:


Javascript Programming language
Javascript Language

JavaScript is the programming language that brings a website to life. With HTML and CSS, you can create a basic website, but it won't be interactive enough to do well in today's market. A user needs to interact with the website through tools such as drop-down menus, contact forms, etc. It's possible with JavaScript that helps programmers create websites from scratch. 

Furthermore, you can create browser-based games and mobile applications through JavaScript. As a job-searcher in the tech field, it should be on the top of your learning list. 

• JavaScript was created back in 1995 and is still used by 94.5% of websites. It makes the language a perfect fit for a new developer who wants to learn something that's here to stay.

• In the 2021 Stack Overflow developers survey, JavaScript is the most common programming language for the ninth consecutive year.

• In the TIOBE ranking, it's under the top 10 languages. JavaScript has held this spot for several years now.

• Companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, etc., use JavaScript. As a developer, you should be proficient with this programming language to become an in-demand programmer. 

• It is compatible with both front-end and back-end development. Companies that are looking to hire developers need this language to be on your skillset.


Java Programmimg language

Currently, there are around 8 million Java developers worldwide. Companies are constantly on the lookout to hire java developers for their projects. As the startup economy is becoming more prominent, there are increasing companies that hire new developers. It's because they want to save money and get the best people in the field on a project basis. 

Java has applications in IoT, APIs, E-commerce websites, big data technologies, and financial trading platforms. With use in several industries, Java should be on the top spot for learning a new language among developers. 

• According to TIOBE rankings, Java is in the second position among all the top programming languages. It was created back in 1995, too, and is holding its ground even after all these years. 

• Similar to the TIOBE rankings, the PYPL also ranks Java at the second spot. 

• According to the RedMonk reports, it's at the third spot among the top languages. 

Developers should add this object-oriented language into their skillset to get more clients. It has wide use in Android development, Web applications, scientific applications, and Desktop applications. 

Begin by starting from the basics and if you already know them, work on becoming an expert. You should target the companies you want to work with and understand what they're looking for.


Python Programming Language

Python is among the favorite languages for new developers because of its simple syntax and high readability. After HTML, which is more a scripting language than a programming one, Python is the easiest one to learn. Apart from that, the demand for it is soaring because of the increasing use of data science. 

Here are some domains where Python has applications: Web Development, Software Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Gaming, Product development, Automation Scripting, and much more. This list would just go on and on as Python has wide applications across different industries. Therefore, if you want to get your dream job offer, learn Python. 

• According to the RedMonk Rankings, Python has taken a spot above Java as the second-best programming language.

• It was developed in the late 1980s and is a server-side language. The main goal of this programming language was to make it easier to read and write by getting rid of unnecessary syntax.

• According to the PYPL December 2020 index, it's at the first spot among top programming languages. 

• Stack Overflow and GitHub also rank Python constantly among the top languages in the programming world.

Python might be the easiest programming language you can learn to increase your skillset. It's the best alternative for a new developer who wants to learn more languages. As a new developer, you should waste no time starting a course for Python. 


C and C++ Programming Language

C and C++ both have a prominent position in the programming world. They have inspired several other popular and top programming languages too. C++ is used in Desktop applications, Competitive programming, GUI, Game development, etc. The wide application of both languages secures them a top spot for a coder. Furthermore, C has been used to write applications like Windows, mobile Kernels, Linux, and databases such as Oracle.

• C and C++ are ranked among the 5 top programming languages according to the TIOBE 2020 index.

• In the PYPL index, C/C++ has taken the fifth spot among the top programming languages. 

Companies like Oracle, Adobe, and Microsoft hire C/C++ developers for their projects.


  Sql Programming Language

SQL or Structured Query Language is another skill set that every developer should have to work in the technical field. The main function of SQL is the extraction of information from databases and updating them. Data analytics is another major part of any business, and SQL is what helps in that. 

• Major companies like Netflix, Uber, Airbnb use SQL for their projects. 

• SQL is a major prerequisite for landing data-based projects in 2021.

How to start learning the 5 top programming languages?

These languages can help you step up your professional life. If you're a new developer and want to learn these languages, here are some things to follow:

  1. You should search more about the job or client you're targeting and choose a programming language that they use. Look over the job descriptions they've put out to find more about the necessary skills. It's not advisable to dip your toes in all these five languages. Start with one and master it first.
  2. Begin with the syntax and basic concepts of the language you choose. If you're a fresher, it might be better to opt for an easier language like Python. Don't jump onto complicated projects or tools unless your basics are clear.
  3. You can learn these 5 top programming languages by either joining an online course, through books, or by just self-study with free internet resources. There are ample resources out there; you just need to select the one that suits you.
  4. If you are learning a new language to secure a job, start a personal project. It will put your theoretical knowledge to the test, and you can learn more about your lacking areas. 
  5. After you've gained the fundamental knowledge and moved on to building your project successfully, join a hackathon. It can be a fun and interactive way to learn more about the coding language with your fellow coders and work on a project.

You should use these tips to learn these top programming languages. Ensure that you stick to one language at a time that would help you advance in your career. Expertise in one language would help you get more clients or projects than knowing little about all these languages. 


As a software developer, you have to master one of these top programming languages to stay relevant in your field. Several companies are constantly looking to hire developers who are experts in the 5 top programming languages. But you won't make the cut if you're not an expert. 

So, start by taking up courses for these languages and building your skillset. Once you're proficient with them, head over to freelancing websites to look for new projects. You can use Workflexi to find clients looking to hire freelance developers and get in touch with them.