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How To Find Part-time Web Development Gigs?

Firstly, is it worth trying to find part-time web development gigs?

Part time Web Deveopment Jobs

With every single business trying to shift to the online space, there are increasing opportunities for people with technical skills. Be it web development, app development, or even simple API integrations; you'll see plenty of software skills in demand.

You can work with a multinational company or even a fast-paced startup. However, a better option is to work with both of them. Is this possible? Well, if that's the question in your mind, the answer is YES.

You can take up gigs with as many clients as you can handle. It can be from a small startup or a well-established company. Either way, you'll get immense exposure, connections, and experience too. So, if you're a web developer, keep on reading to see how you can find and take advantage of these amazing opportunities.

There’s always someone ready to take up the job for a cheaper price than what you would expect. However, it doesn't mean that they’re the ones to get all the gigs.

It should be your selling point to maintain consistency and high-quality work. For example, you should only take up the gig if you are capable of completing it on time. It will help you gain value from the project and also complete it efficiently.

Apart from that, taking up a gig only for its sake would be counter-effective. It will only put up added stress and pressure on you.

When finding those part-time web development gigs, you need to be smart and only apply for specific ones.

Let's see some tips that will allow you to find part-time web development gigs:

Define Your Services To Attract Part-time Web Development Gigs

You don't go for an interview without telling them what you'll do, right? It's the same with gigs. You need to define what you are providing and your specializations. It can be web development, web design, security patching, and much more. The best step to do this is to find what you're best at. When you find that spot, start there.

There are several thousand people offering gigs online. You can get lost in there if you don't put a definite bracket on your services. A loose definition on your description may confuse the client that you're not an expert. Remember that you have to be a master of one, not a jack of all trades over here. You can diversify your services once you gain exposure in other fields too.

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Have Projects, References, Or Testimonials

Everyone would want to see some of your past work before hiring you. It doesn't mean that you need to have a vast portfolio of part-time web development gigs. However, a better choice is to present your college projects, independent certifications, or any other relevant proof ready. It will help take that further step towards securing those gigs easily.

If you don't have any of these things, do some of these:

  • You can take up online courses. Many of them are free and offer much exposure to the field. Certification would help signify your education.
  • You should take up an internship. There are several paid and unpaid ones available. Also, the best thing is that they also take in entry-level people.
  • Take up a project of your own. Develop a website of your own so you can showcase it to your clients later on.

Taking up such projects will get you those part-time web development gigs easily and quickly. Also, ensure that you have the feedback and testimonials of your previous clients once you begin.

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Set Up Your Portfolio Website

There isn't any better method to display your work than having your website. When applying for part-time web development gigs, it will immediately showcase your skills and expertise in the field.

What's the first thing you do when looking to work with a company? You would try learn more about the company, correct? That's what your clients would do too. When a website with your details, contact information, and experience shows up, it will help give that excellent first impression. You can also add up your previous projects and gigs you've worked on. It will be a perfect way to attract new clients and get leads every day. Ensure that the website is easy to use and does not lag. You cannot have that impression on your clients as it will harm your prospects.

Finding The Part-time Web Development Gigs

After you have the necessary portfolio and references, it is the right time to get started. There is a vast market for part-time web development gigs. It can be creating a website from scratch, maintenance, front-end, or back-end management. However, once you find the niche, you wish to work in, it will be easier to find the gigs.

Let's go through the methods you can adopt to find them:

  • You should use your current connections to get referrals. It can help find gigs in a specific company or startup.
  • You should join the Facebook groups and follow the companies you wish to work with. It would be a perfect choice to keep an eye on their postings.
  • You can directly approach startups and companies too. Cold emailing is an essential skill you need to capitalize on.

These options would help you land those part-time web development gigs, but communication skills are crucial in them. Talking to potential clients and convincing them that you're their best shot is not an easy task.

However, you can still land gigs if communication is not exactly your forte. Let's see how:

Joining a gig adoption platform like Workflexi.in can easily help you land gigs without the need to find clients directly. You just have to respond to the available gigs, and you'll get them! It's that easy. It is a perfect platform when you wish to find gigs in your forte in the initial steps. You don't have to find companies, startups, or people that need people on part-time web development gigs. All you would need is to have a great profile, skills, and the willingness to work.

Go and join Workflexi now to avail yourself of all these opportunities!

How To Market Your Web Development Skills?

There is indeed a large number of people offering similar services. It creates high competition for you to land those gigs. Thus, you need to market your skills always to be one step ahead of others. It would help attract clients and showing them your work before they start considering others. Let's see how you can market your skills:

  • Social Media is a crucial tool for every freelancer out there. Many people miss out on it, thinking that it's just for socializing. However, many small businesses owe their success to it. You should create a public account just for your work. Create posts and videos educating people about the basics. It is an excellent marketing tool that can get you numerous leads without pursuing clients.
  • Develop a brand around your services. It includes doing an optimum job for every client and asking them for testimonials. Even better, ask them to refer you to others in the industry. It would help you get those part-time web development gigs quickly, and you might not even have to convince the clients. So, next time you start a job, ensure that you give it your all. It might prove to be your key to the next big client.
  • Increase your presence on the internet. You can create a website portfolio for yourself, as discussed above. It will help you get on the top results whenever someone is looking to hire on part-time web development gigs. Also, it builds your goodwill and helps maintain an image. With increasing frauds every day, clients would prefer someone with a strong presence on the internet.
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Already In Talks With A Client? Here's How To Land That Gig.

If you're already in communication with your client for a web development gig, you have to take a few steps to land it successfully. They might be talking to other freelancers too. This is why you have to be prudent and take your next steps cautiously.

This is what you should focus on:

  • You should showcase the best of your work right when you get approached for the first time or when applying. It would help establish your expertise in the field. Create a portfolio or add links to the websites you have worked on.
  • It's you who needs to land the client, not the other way around. Several people are fighting over the same part-time web development gigs. You have to be polite, confident, and optimistic while talking to the client. It is your duty to follow up even if they don't.
  • Always ask the client what they're exactly looking for before taking on the job. It would show your interest which is crucial to land it. Also, give out some suggestions too if you feel that they might be better for the client.
  • You have to show patience and not bombard the client with messages. A simple follow-up text or call should be enough. Don't keep calling them or texting if you have not heard from them for a few days.
  • Be ready with your terms and negotiate. You should not be vague about your charges. Give them a certain number or range depending on the project. Also, decide on the timeline beforehand. It would show your confidence and expertise in completing those part-time web development gigs.

That's everything you need to follow to land those high-paying part-time web development gigs. Ensure that you have the necessary skills, a portfolio, some testimonials, and a strong social media presence. It would keep you a step ahead in nailing your job and advancing your career as a developer. Start using these tips and find your dream gigs now!